Thursday, March 10, 2011

I-Flapp - Put Your PC in Your Palm

As the company puts it "Intelligent Flash Application is the next step in the direction of Application Mobility Technology".
Well this innovative idea is mainly used for people who shuttle between two rival operating system and prefer to trade in a selected operating system.Memory cards, flash drives, pen drive,hard drives,.et al.
I first came across this technology when people were struggling with the hanging nature of windows OS,unfriendly nature(general perception,not mine thou) of Mac OS and less popularity friendly nature of Linux OS and Unix OS. This software effortlessly can switch OSes(plural of OS,i think!).The installed files however need to be checked before they can be used.
The desktop background with icons, your favourite browser, files, etc will all be the same with respect to the space available in the storage device. It also specifies the amount of space occupied/available in the storage device. The RAM occupied on the computer on which it is running is also considerably low to toggle the different OS simultaneously.
Earlier, I had made sure that I had the same OS(Windows xp) everywhere i.e @ home,office, laptops,etc. But now with this software I can look to switch between the OSes with ease.
Only technologies that are updated regularly survive,rest just trickle away.So I hope the makers regularly upgrade and update so that it leaves no stone unturned in the success of this!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Enough is enough-"Ek Kaam Desh Ke Naam"

These words re too big to do it constantly(or regularly) aren' they?
Today we live in a society wher politicians woo the public for votes and after votes re given by the public,the governments play see-saw in the eyes of public.Ther isn' a party which ppl can trust or ppl can expect some steps which can change our futures along with our present.The belief in the eyes of public which not only entrusts it life(watever is left) on the ruling party (we Indians only expect for things to change n it applies to me too).But when some1 tries to change the fuckin system the person is either killed or has to bear the brunt of being called a deshdrohi or various other torturous methods( any examples?)
"Even though there may be no law mandating that everyone polls, the youth should not consider voting only as a right but a duty as well"...
The media has so much of junk news that even if they re streaming an interview with a killer or a terrorist on their channels,the Police wont even be near to the konvict(or rather the police have a commission in it?).Its strange but the truth!..
Off-late!..ther 've been some noises abt Police reforms.I think its a good initiative but the central government shud be takin such initiatives otherwise our uncommon honest policemen will keep losing their lives(any1 listening?).. Ther was talk of terror laws bein strengthened n providin adequate security in major cities.Til some point this being put into place but govt. shud keep in mind that the lives of citizens of this Great country re not cheap.
Ther have been many disasters by govts(be it state or central)..some have been moral policin disasters or some have been disgraceful for the nature of behaviour towards upcomin youth in sports).. be it givin highly honoured Padma Shri award to Harbhajan Singh(who disgraced the nation by slappin his own teammate) instead of giving it to the Olympians who won bronze medals(Vijender Singh and Sushil Kumar) and made our country proud.. or be it slammin the pub culture in the City of pubs(B'lore) by our CM who insists on drinkin milk instead of beer but still the revenue got from liquor sales in B'lore is far more than revenues from other sources.!
I say enough is enough!.. Let us be it!...
I agree its a democracy!(some1 is sad and some1 is rejoicin)...but the %age of ppl who re happy shud be more than ppl who re sad!(tat doesn make any sense so jus ignore this statement and move on!)..

His name is today
We are guilty of many errors and many faults,
But our worst crime is abandoning the children,
Neglecting the fountain of life.
Many of the things we need can wait.
The child cannot.
Right now is the time his bones are being formed,
His blood is being made,
And his senses are being developed.
To him we cannot answer 'Tomorrow'.
His name is 'Today'.

(the blogger is out of his mind and these views re his own)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Heady Feelin'

Coffee replaces wine on St.Marks Road! A fortnight after it had been launched me and my frnds stepped inside the Hard Rock Cafe and stood still soaking in the memorabilia around us.We got a bit cramped feelin as we scanned through the ambience. Jus after the counter(where some chink ladies were takin names of the ppl as it was a weekend evenin and ppl were pourin in like hell) there was a Rock Shop with kinds of souveniors like little guitar chains and band T-shirts were on sale!..It was a good feelin..
They've used the space without damagin the heritage buildin. What was once a coffee shop(Barista) is now a place where ppl eat and drink with classic rock music played in vicinity. At the entrance itself there was essence of 'namma bengaluru' as the hoardin read "Hard Rock Cafe-BENGALURU".And as we scanned thru the food menu we saw found local delicacies to add some value to the joint.
We had to wait for half an hour to get seated since crowd was increasin on that weekend evenin. We had been seated in such a place near the display cases of autographed bass drumhead used by Black Sabbath's Bobby Rondinelli above our table and we cud also see some pink floyd stuff too! For a place dedicated to great music,the music sucks! The music is really loosely defined since the acoustics are not consistent throughout, because of stone walls and high ceilings.
We ordered the most unregular stuff that most college students (due to the absence of bank balance in their wallets) as we had a bit of cash so we were like lets try it!..And if anybody wants to come here alone it can be tad expensive.This is one of the cafes which you cud go once in a month or two!..
All in all it was a great experience!
Rest apart, holidays re comin to an end and it was great vacation!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Breathtakin stuff

"Oh fuck!.. wht da heck this bumper is really dangerous!..You were almost killed dude!.. and this bike is thrashed too!OMG!.. this is huge!"..Yeah that was my expression wen one of my frnds had met wid an accident which-cud-have-been-serious on a road trip to Maddur Coffee Day at 4am!.. This trip was the idea of my fnds!. we all agreed!.. I woke up at 3 in mornin thanks to unlimited phone calls made by my best pal so tht i do come 'em!.. So i woke up changed my clothes and put on a crisp wind-shutter(otherwise wud ve frozen to death!) and got on the road to brigade!.. Ther wer other fleet of frnds from da hostel(some juniors too..) who were waitin jus 4 me(man! i felt like a VIP!).. We exchanged some salutations n hit the road!..we were goin to Coffee Day on Mysore road whch is 80kms from the City!(For jus adventure sake n not to hav coffee!)..We had 4bikes includin mine n 8ppl!.. So we hit the road and we were soon on Mysore Road through S.P.rd flyover.. Occansionly we stopped for some nature calls or other stuff!.. So a CCD had come but t'was still in the makin(or renovatin we thought)..then a guy came n told the CCD was further ahead!relief!.. And started headin towards tht CCD which was around 4-5 kms from tht place.. Now as we near the CCD.. The guys in front of me had a Pulsar wid bad head lights(i don think t'was workin!) and a curve had come... and this suddenly jus jumped in the air n there was this truck which was on the right of him.. The truck nearly chipped the bike and no sooner those guys were on the road near the pavement divider..
Ghosh!I was jus behind 'em wid one of the juniors.. and the Pulsar guy n his co-rider were on the road!.. Oh fuck!..I myself had hiccup on the bumper which in fact discussed by us durin our stoppage as one of frns frnd had told!.. so the guys behind too were in state of shock at the bumper(no reflectors n no sign boards).. I sudden rushed to the guys fallen!.. This guy's helment was thrown in the opposite and this guy had hit himself on the pavement.. the co-rider fell on the middle road and got up as soon as he was the truck!OMG he was saved!(Guess what these guys had plans for drink n drive).. The guy sittin behind was sleepy nut case(I thot he was doped!) din spot this accident!.. Everyone stopped and took look at self-victims n thot thnk God they re saved!.. The rider had got bruises and a got torn pull-over and co-rider was fine wid a torn jacket.. T'was tht time of the night when wind was hard n roads were slippery.. We had our moments n we moved on n reached the CCD at dawn!.. We all strted diagonsin the wounds n the damage to bike!.. well t'was his frnds bike so he was apprehensive abt it!... And got up in n ordered our coffees n some snacks!.. we all had a nap and were explorin why ppl come so far jus to hav a coffee!.. Well we reasoned out t'was jus abt gals at nite at these places and "jungle mein mangal" sort of things!..Had some hot coffee which gave some warmth to my numb hands n watched the tv fitted there and set out at 7:15 back home!.. We were on our and sun was takin its position which was really soothin!.. suddenly as we were half way our journey some noises came out of my bike!..Grrr!.. wat da heck these bike services never do a decent job or do they?.. then bike suddenly got to halt n i rammed in into a calf thanks to some imbalance and cows wanderin on the highway.. "Oh shit!petrol is over OMG i shud kill myself for negligence",i thot.Wel i checked the petrol earlier t'was there but now t'was over thnx to some leakage.then i opened my bike and did some mechanic work like connected leakge pipe properly and my frnd got petrol from the nearest petrol bunk!Yeah bike started at last!.. Every1 were relieved and we set out home!.. There were no other casualities on our way!.. Every1 were happy to be back in the city!..
My 3rd sem xams had finally got over last week!..And as usual 'm havin a ball durin these holidays!.. Thinkin of doin somethin productive, so til then Sayonara!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Metal gods re rainin in India

hola! The metal gods are comin around once again!.. IRON MAIDEN comin to Mumbai on Feb 1st '08..
And The ROCK IN INDIA tour of MEGADETH(so eager to watch 'em perform live! this a dream!!) and with them will be performing Machine Head in Bengaluru on 14th Mar '08... Its surely gonna be a Headbangers' Ball!.. India is already becomin a Rock Destination for many bands as there many takers...
The Last Maiden concert in Benagluru on 18th Mar '07 generated loads of interest in minds of many famous metal bands as ther was a huge crowd of around 20,000 ppl!..I jus hope I get the maiden stick again or for that matter Dave Mustaine's throw away somethin!(hopin against hope!)... And not to be left Aerosmith had also generated nice crowd!..
And hey!.. the End Sems re around the corner and guess wat?(no good news this..poutin!!..) exams wil be goin on 1st Jan too .. tats how sucky VTU gets!.. have to manage engineerin out!(no other way!).. Wel electrical is thoughest though!(i hope i pass).. Tats how life is!..
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Friday, August 03, 2007

On a vacation!

Hey ppl!.. 2nd exams are done and rite now 'm on a trip to North India... college vacation is of around 3weeks and this plan was of around 20days!... I had been to delhi.. New Delhi, the capital city of India... looks like just another city when you first come here.. but delhi is known for its ppl for all wrong reasons... that apart delhi is good place to be in(includin chicks!).. Metro Rail is a gr8 boost to this capital city and is an able public transport system, it will take another 5 years for metro rail to complete in B'lore(Tht's a huge time considerin b'lore's horrible traffic problems)..There is a saying in Hindi "Delhi dilwalaon ki hoti hai".. but its not really true these days.. Delhi region is hub for businessmen and they kill anybody for their livelyhood...
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Thursday, March 08, 2007


Well i changed over to new blogger(its easier if you dunno abt html as in my case!..)... and also changed my template...And i am goin to The EDDFEST '07...